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Hello I’m Daisy, your friendly herb wielding, Om chanting doctor

Once I was a stressed out, miserable hospital doctor. My heart was calling out for a big change… and so it began; getting back into my body through yoga, feeling the juice of creative spirit colouring my life again as I shared kirtans and then blown away by the natural power of Ayurveda to not only restore my body and mind to health and balance, but nudge me towards a more natural approach towards spirituality altogether. And thanks to the many wonderful teachers I’ve had on the path so far, I’ve been pointed resolutely towards a path of sacred sound, as a healing, meditative balm for daily life and as a way to directly come back to the heart.

I now offer my experience as both a western trained doctor and qualified Ayurvedic practitioner combined with my love and trust in sound to those who are wishing to experience health and wellbeing from a truly holistic standpoint.

I also offer my classical music training and 10 years of experience leading kirtans to yoga teachers or those who wish to unlock their voices and express whats truly in their hearts through sound and mantra.

~ Dr Daisy Bowman BMBS, BSc Pharm, DIP ALN (Ayurvedic practitioner), Yogini, Kirtan singer, etc etc etc


holistically empowers you to bring the body, mind and emotions into balance and facilitates a lived experience of fulfilment.


enters the spaces within which can’t be reached with the usual means… and wakes us up. 

Ayurvedic medicine

If you’ve had enough of ineffective quick “fixes” and are ready to embrace a system of healing which will transform your health, approach to food and way of living. Ayurveda has its roots in spirituality but is adaptable to modern living due to its scientific approach.

Sacred sound for yoga teachers

YOUR VOICE is the most sacred instrument. Through chanting, singing and sounding incredible truth and beauty can be found on a daily basis.

Kirtan & Healing sounds

Sound journeys for stress release, meditation and rejuvination in Germany or online straight to the comfort of your own home.

Or Come and sing – the most effortless meditation practice ever = KIRTAN!!!


Songs sung from the heart to the heart. As well as kirtans, you can listen to songs I’ve written along the way…