Let’s return to EASE by restoring the balance within and to nature,

Let’s connect to the JOY within, daily by coasting on the raft of sacred sound,

Let’s nurture OUR GIFTS with love, attention and community…

and in doing so witness our TRUE PURPOSE reveal itself.

Hello I’m Daisy, and my offering to you is medicine made from sound, healing herbs & consciousness. I am here to to lift the spirits with songs of the soul and to accompany you on your journey back to yourself, so that you may once more realise who you are and feel as though you are really living from the heart and are doing what you are meant to be doing. 

The path is really of learning to listen again,
Listening to yourself, and discovering you have the power to be your own sound healer.

Listening to the body when its calling for balance, attention healing, and doing whats needed.

Listening to nature as she presents herself to us within and around us daily as the elements and acting in a way which is harmonious and conscious.

Listening to one another, as human beings, fellow travellers, staying rooted in the heart and seeing past differences. Drinking the nectar of being in good company and sharing our own light with the world. 

When we heal ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally our lives start to blossom. This has a positive impact on everyone and everything around us. I believe that we all have gifts to offer to the world, and that through nurturing the connection with ourselves and nature, we can live life to the fullest and most meaningful potential. 

~ Dr Daisy Bowman BMBS, BSc Pharm, DIP ALN

2 portals for my offerings

1 clear intention:

To bring you closer to yourself in a more nurturing, connected relationship with your true authentic sense of yourself. 

Ayurveda brings the body, mind and emotions into balance.
Conscious Sound enters the spaces within which can’t be reached with the usual means… and wakes us up. 

Who will benefit from working with me?


  • If you have physical and mental issues, then Ayurveda may be a great first step for you.
  • If you just know you need to change something but are not sure what or where to start, consider attending a regular yoga & sound class with me, become established and steady in breath and body.
  • If you feel like you have lost yourself somewhere along the course of time  – then let’s dive into sacred conscious sound together.
  • Are you a yoga teacher that has a longing to explore the meditative and sacred beauty of sound, express and share it authentically in your classes and offerings, then check out my courses!
  • Are you already on the path, established and deepening in your Sadhānā and feeling connected with your dharma, passion & purpose? Maybe you’d like to collaborate and create something beautiful?


I offer twice weekly Sound & Flow classes which bring together the connecting and and meditative power of sound & and revitalising, strength giving and energy freeing asanas. Warning: may produce bliss!!
Feel like you need a mental reset? I offer once a month online Immersive sound journeys.



deep dive into sound based practices

Are you a yoga teacher wondering how to incorporate sacred sound into your own journey? Or perhaps you are someone that loves music or the healing effects of the sounds in nature. My more in depth offerings are intended so that each of us are equipped with the skills and understanding to confidently apply the principles of healing sound into daily life and sharing with others. 


Ayurvedic Consultations

Are you someone that has tried many times to find the answers to your health related problems? Maybe you’ve consulted a conventional doctor, googled symptoms, tried following online advice. If you are seeking a holistic path to wellbeing that is personally tailored to you, rooted in ancient wisdom and given with the practicalities of modern living borne in mind.