Thank You for Booking your initial Ayurvedic Consultation

with Dr Daisy Bowman

Thank you so much for booking your Initial Ayurvedic consultation with me.

Before we meet either in person at Soma Yoga Freiburg or Online on zoom (details will be sent in booking confirmation emails), I would be grateful if you can complete the following forms and let me know connect@daisybowman.com when you’ve done that.

During the 75-90minute meeting, we will discuss the details of your issues including as well as diet and lifestyle factors. Towards the end of the meeting, I will offer you an Ayurvedic perspective as well as a tailored plan which includes

  • Specific dietary recommendations
  • Adjustments to lifestyle
  • Ayurvedic herbal plan.

I’ll provide you with written information that you can take your time to read and absorb after our meeting.

With regards to the Ayurvedic herbs – these are safe, herbal preparations that are prescribed to bring the body back into balance and have a range of effects from improvement of digestion to balancing hormone function, boosting mood, increasing energy, helping sleep and nourishing libido. These will be prescribed according to your specific consititution and presenting issues.

The formulas cannot be purchased outside of the container of regular consultations with me, as they require specific training that I have received from the Ayurvedic Institute UK.

The additional costs for the herbs can be found below

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions, otherwise I’m looking forward to our meeting.

Warmest wishes



Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines Pricing

Depending on the imbalance/disorder, you may expect a prescription of 3-5 packs to work for 4-6 weeks.

For example a basic one month prescription includes 3-5 packets of choorna and/tablets which amounts to approximately 56-70€ which can be paid following the consultation by cash/paypal or bank transfer. This may be more or less depending on the condition.

Postage will be charged separately. 

Cancellation Policy

  • In-person appointments should be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice.
  • Online appointments can be cancelled within 12 hours in advance.
  • If appointments are cancelled at short notice, the appointment will be charged at full price.

Treatment Packages

The appointments included in these packages must be taken within 5 months. (This is because the benefit of this package is continuity of treatment – to achieve the best results – follow-up appointments should ideally be 4-6 weeks apart). If there are extenuating circumstances, this can be adjusted.

Upon purchase of a package, you agree to take responsibility for booking your appointments within the time frame.