How to Work with the bija mantras


A simple practice for every one every day

Nearly every day for the past 4 years at least, I have worked with the sound of Om and the Bija mantras. This has resulted in a steady deepening in my relationship with sound and experiential understanding of sound waves – with profound consequences.

These practices can restore mental, emotional and physical harmony as well as allow you to enjoy the space of healing silence that follows the practice.

If practiced regularly you may start to feel empowered by a greater capacity to rise above waves of emotion and thought which tend to cause inner turmoil.

The connection with the essence of nature can be strengthened and restored by chanting every day.

Below are three videos to help you on this journey to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to practice chanting with the bija mantras!

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Benefits of chanting bija mantras daily

Recharge and recalibrate the whole nervous system

Rebalance the mind

Raise your frequency so that mental and emotional disturbances lose their power over you

Reconnect with your true inner nature

Give yourself a daily sonic soundbath for FREE every day

Empower yourself to create deep physical relaxation with your own voice



      Daisy Bowman


      On a background training in classical piano Daisy dived deep into the art of sacred sound once discovering its profound and instant effects on bringing mental refreshment and a feeling of togetherness. She has shared kirtan in different groups throughout europe, the UK and India and has composed hundreds of melodies. She loves to make things as easy as possible for students learning and playing the harmonium, so that they can relax and then enjoy the ease of singing that naturally follows. 
      Listen to her first album collaboration Sangha on spotify which she recorded with her spiritual community in 2018. 

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