Bija Mantras – What, why, how?

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Hello beautiful friends

Over the past few years I have been diving into sound to discover for myself its healing powers. And I have found that it is one of THE most effective and CHEAPEST (FREE!) ways of rebalancing the mind and nervous system.

The bija mantras are the blueprint sounds of nature and chanting them can help you come back to your senses (literally)

Each element in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether) are related to your five senses and also the chakra points along your spine.

When it comes to sacred sound, a basic principle is that Everything that exists is actually sound, vibrating at certain frequencies. This has even been demonstrated in physics.

And frequencies are constantly influencing each other… ever had the feeling that someone is “on your wavelength” or “not” ?

This is this principle at work in a very simplistic sense. but as perhaps we’ve all experienced at some point – these VIBES can make or break a day, situation or outcome.

So what if you were able to take the reigns of this principle and use it to the benefit of your mental health and feeling of wellbeing?

Great seers – another term for highly sensitive meditative beings, particularly for the eastern traditions were able to detect very very subtle frequencies – such as you have probably heard of the sound ॐ? A-U-M the sound of silence.

Similarly – the “seed” or bija sounds of the elements were conveyed by these seers.

Chanting these sounds can tune your whole physicality, mentality and even spirituality to the natural frequencies of nature and silence…

After several years of consistent and regular chanting of these sounds, I am now convinced of their power and medicinal value.

🕉️ They have made a meditator out of me. Through chanting I have been able to sit silently and receive the nourishment of stillness and silence.

🕉️ They have taught me how to sink beneath turbulent mental and emotional waves to the depths of the inner ocean.

🕉️ They have tuned me out of my city numbness to an enjoyer and participant in nature and her bounty.

🕉️ They have given my music a deep root in the silence and joy of the heart.

So friends, I have created this resource 


because I would love for others to be able to access this sonic medicine if they feel the call for it.

Please do give me feedback or let me know if you have questions related to the practice!!

A friend sent me this after working with the Bija mantras for a few weeks:

“I am glad to tell you that chanting the bija mantras is working out twice a day in let’s say 98% of the days and that really makes a great difference in my life.

I am very happy about it”

Lots of love


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