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Since I was young I realised that Sound had a healing potential…and as I get more olderer I find my healing sound practices a daily tonic that I can’t live (well) without.

Come on a sonic journey with me and find out how you can incorporate healing sounds into your daily life wherever and whoever you are.

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Understand Sound

My sharings on why and how Sound can be used as a medicine for the modern mind.


  • you are a yoga teacher who would like to use healing sounds in their classes
  • you love kirtan and mantra and would like to establish a daily practice
  • You feel you have a blockage in your vocal expression
  • You are seeking a reliable way to centre yourself and unentangle yourself from the mind.
  • You wanna learn the harmonium!

Then Learning the harmonium may be perfect for you… 

and Much easier than you probably think.

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These two practices form the foundation of my own daily sound practice. 

They are incredibly simple yet profound practices which I have found to give many healing benefits. 

Start with the Om meditation and follow the guided meditation. 
Once you are familiar and comfortable chanting give the Element bija mantra meditation a go! Just chant along with the sounds that you hear.

Leave 5 minutes at the end of each practice to sit silently! 


Warning after practicing you may feel: 

– Yourself drawn into a deep meditative space….
– Calmer
– More Connected
– More Spacious
– Less entangled in your thoughts and emotions
– Energised
– A release of stuck emotions
– Vibrant
– Like singing 
– More a part of nature
– Your natural voice start to open up

Streamable Music by Daisy Bowman & Friends 

Kirtan to sing along to in the car

Songs from the heart to the heart

Online Kirtan @ Shantimayi Online Satsangs

Free Harmonium





Monthly Kirtan @Soma Yoga Freiburg, Germany
Yoga, Ayurveda & Kirtan Retreat
19.- 26. May 2023

Aptera, Crete with Soma Yoga & ZenZem

Harmonum Freedom course
14. June 2023
True Voice
2nd July 2023

One day workshop at soma yoga freiburg

Acoustic set @ Bright Blooms
1pm | Saturday 22nd July 2023

Shaftesbury Fringe Festival, Dorset

Acoustic set @ King Alfred's - Nun's passage
4pm |Sunday 23rd July 2023

Shaftesbury Fringe Festival, Dorset

UK Kirtan Tour
Dates & Venues TBC
Kirtan Leaders Intensive
August/Sept Dates TBC

For those who have already completed Harmonium freedom and want to apply their skills to lived and shared experience to become a confident, heart-centered kirtan leader with an ever deepening self practice. 

A glimpse of offerings gone by…